Rudické propadání and Kolíbky

Do you like to admire the beautiful natural scenery and walks in the woods are among your favorite activities? Then you will surely like it near Rudice, a village located about thirty kilometers north of Brno.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Rudice
GPS: 49.33331000, 16.73433390
Rudické propadání and Kolíbky map

Interesting facts Rudické propadání and Kolíbky

Rudické propadání is a national natural monument located in the middle of the protected landscape area of ​​the Moravian Karst. To a depth of up to 90 meters, the waters of the Jedovnický brook fall underground and get lost in the intricate system of caves, which is 13 kilometers long and is thus the second largest in the Czech Republic. The collapse of the Jedovnický brook is the largest collapse in the Moravian Karst and it is not its only best. Thanks to the depth of 90 meters, the sinkhole itself is one of the highest waterfalls in the Czech Republic. In the cave there is the Rudická abyss, which with its 153 meters is the deepest dry abyss in the Czech Republic and the Giant Dome is again one of the largest cave areas in the Czech lands. The Jedovnický stream flows from the underground back to the surface at the famous Býčí skála.

However, all the underground spaces are hidden from ordinary tourists, you can only see the scenery of the rock in which the stream disappears. However, she and her surroundings are definitely worth it. However, if an adventurous spirit is dormant in you and you would like to visit the underground, you can sign up for a speleology course, where you will look at the area under Rudický propadání for a few hours. However, it requires really good physical condition and also courage.

In the immediate vicinity of the sinkhole there is another attraction, namely the rock formations called Kolíbky. This smaller rock town, as it is called, is formed by a limestone karst formation and is intersected by many caves and caverns. The rocks are a popular destination for climbers and filmmakers, and there are often shots from fairy tales. There is also an important archeological site.

You can get to the place in several ways, the starting point can be Rudice and a little more distant Jedovnice.

Author: Martina Limbergová