Vineyards stretching beyond the horizon, the sun reflecting off the white walls of limestone rocks, green steppe areas with beautiful carpets of flowering plants, but also historical monuments created by human hands, all combine in the beautiful landscape of Pálava. This locality is declared a protected landscape area with an area of 8300 ha, precisely due to the unique natural conditions and the landscape character, which resembles the Mediterranean. It is the warmest and driest place in the Czech Republic and that is why many species of thermophilic plants and animals thrive here, which you will not otherwise find in such quantities in our country or even live here only. Rare species can be found here among representatives of flora and fauna, almost everywhere.

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Adress: , Pálava
GPS: 48.82004140, 16.70213580
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Interesting facts Pálava

The dominant feature of Pálava is the relief of the Pavlovské vrchy hills, which stretch between the town of Mikulov and the village of Pavlov. In addition to the external appearance of the breathtaking rocks near Mikulov, you can also look at the karst areas created by water and erosion in Jurassic limestone. The publicly accessible cave is called Na Turoldu. The panorama of Pavlovské vrchy is completed by two castle ruins, which are already visible from a distance. They are Sirotčí hrádek and Dívčí hrady, which are also visited due to the beautiful view of the Novomlýnské reservoirs, which enclose this area from the north. The third interesting ruin is called Kozí hrádek and can be found in Mikulov. There is also worth a visit to the beautiful romantic castle and other monuments. The Holy Hill then rises above the town, on the top of which, after overcoming the Baroque Stations of the Cross, the pilgrimage church of St. Sebastian and of course a charming view.

The most beautiful part of Pálava is considered to be the section of the elongated Děvín ridge between Klentnice and Dolní Věstonice, to which an educational trail also leads. The village of Dolní Věstonice is famous all over the world for the discovery of a statue of Venus of Věstonice from the Early Stone Age. The exhibition Age of Hunters and Mammoths in this village will convince you that the place of Pálava is the oldest inhabited place in our country.

You can explore Pálava on foot or by bike, as you like. Many hiking trails lead here, including wine trails, which are a local specialty.

Author: Martina Limbergová