Oslava and Chvojnice valley

If you have decided for a slightly more demanding walk with a touch of adventure on the border of the South Moravian Region and the Vysočina Region, head to the territory of the Údolí Oslava and Chvojnice National Nature Reserve. You will walk through beautiful oak forests and on the rocks along the river, you can also visit the ruins of old castles. In the deep valley, the Oslava River flows over hard rock, so numerous rocks have been created, thanks to which the valley has the appearance of a canyon in some places. Hiking trails lead here, you can see watermills, ruins, ravines or try to see some of the rare animals.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Čučice
GPS: 49.20694390, 16.15694420
Oslava and Chvojnice valley map

Interesting facts Oslava and Chvojnice valley

Canyon, rapids and waterfalls
The moment the hiking trail takes you to the river valley, you will feel like in a canyon. The water here revolves around the rocks protruding from the riverbed, numerous rapids are formed and in some places it is possible to see small waterfalls. When wandering the rocks along the river, you can use the support of chains attached to the rock. In summer, you can see a whole group of European cyclamen flowers in the surrounding forests. It is necessary to pay attention to fallen trees, which sometimes block the road, or to groups of hard-to-reach boulders.

Protected plants and animals
There are also more abundant plants in the reserve - for example, the large-flowered passerine, the Adriatic tongue, the bloody oman, the eye of Christ, the Czech crook, the bushy saxifrage or the green twig, you can meet various species of mollusks, salamanders, snakes, several species of woodlice or blacksmith and other rarer species.

The ruins of castles belong to the valley
When walking through the reserves, you sometimes get away from the river valley, especially if you want to see the ruins of castles, destroyed in the mid-15th century. The castles were demolished mainly for fear of becoming the seat of robbers. Remains of walls and moats have been preserved from Lamberk Castle, the rest of the tower from Kraví Hora and from Levnov's retaining wall. From the remains of Levnov is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.

Author: Helena Syslová