Meanders of the Morava River

Visit the place where the cult film Journey to Prehistory was shot. Maybe there were some props left.
The natural monument Meanders of Moravia, also called Osypané břehy or Moravská Sahara, is part of the Strážnické Pomoraví nature park. Meanders can be found on the Morava River about 1 km before the confluence with Velička, close to a large sand pit. The river creates up to 13 m high sand walls here by gradually cutting into cotton sands, which is sand formed by quartz grains with a minimum of other minerals.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Strážnice
GPS: 48.91952580, 17.27836890
Meanders of the Morava River map

Interesting facts Meanders of the Morava River

The dunes are planted with a pine forest and the desert resembles only the neighboring huge sand pit. The shores are formed by gravel shoals with sandy beaches.

The reason for protection is the natural riverbed, where there are many protected animals and plants. Of the plants here, you will find mainly gerbil species, among which the spring elbow, blue pavilion or silenka ušnice dominate. Meanders are an important nesting ground for birds, you can observe the kingfisher, the gray heron or the white stork. Of the other animals, the white-finned woodpecker, the European beaver or the green lizard.

Author: Marie Bukovinská