Wetlands under Vlček

The Mokřady pod Vlčkem nature reserve is named after the nearby Vlček hill. It is a place which, although man has influenced his activities, in whose territory the untouched original nature has been preserved. You can also see such a piece of the preserved original landscape in Mokrádky pod Vlčkem. Wetland meadows with sparse spruce stands provide refuge for many rare species of plants and animals.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Prameny
GPS: 50.03912810, 12.72983110
Wetlands under Vlček map

Interesting facts Wetlands under Vlček

The nature reserve here has two parts
The wetlands below Vlček are composed of two basic parts - northern and eastern. The complex is located on the border of the Tepelská vrchovina and Slavkovský les and there are numerous hiking and cycling trails. In the northern part you can admire the bogs and numerous ponds, the eastern part is famous for gas emissions, so-called moffettes. There are a large number of springs in the whole area, after all you will find this area near the village of Prameny. Wetland communities turn into meadows or wetlands.

The complex of meadows and reservoirs is very valuable
The nature reserve was declared in 1995 and belongs to the Slavkov Forest Protected Landscape Area administration. There are not only peat and peat meadows and moors, but also ponds with rare representatives of the animal and plant kingdoms. There is not a single place that suffers from water shortages. Wetlands, streams and rivers in this area can be found everywhere and just along them are rare communities, such as the nature reserve Mokřady pod Vlčkem, whose visit will allow you an extraordinary experience.

Wetlands are an example of different communities
Wetland communities are found here in a very diverse range. Admire the community of springs with representatives of unusual names, such as dicotyledons, mud lice, mud lizard or ewe. On the marsh meadows you will find a round-leaved sundew or a marsh sundew. Former pastures hide various species of carnations, willows such as fallow land or marsh toll. A rare orchid of triangular beads also grows here. The animal kingdom is represented by black grouse, ground beetle and many species of amphibians.

Author: Helena Syslová