Velký Špičák near Třešť

Lovers of deciduous trees and especially beeches will certainly not miss a visit to Velký Špičák near Třešť. Already in 1964, this area became protected. If you want to see the preserved natural beech forest, go for a walk to Velký Špičák. It is also a popular tourist destination, so there are several marked hiking trails. The whole peak is protected, including rocks and stones. Surveyors certainly know this place as well, there is a protected area of the geodetic point and it was one of the basic points of the Czechoslovak trigonometric network. In the National Museum in Prague, you can see the original setting stone.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Třešť
GPS: 49.30990000, 15.51157970
Velký Špičák near Třešť map

Interesting facts Velký Špičák near Třešť

Trees, plants and animals
Velký Špičák is completely forested. Beech and fir predominate here, as well as ash, maple and elm trees. You can also see many rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Snowdrops, anemones, moonfish or hip have found a suitable and protected environment in which they thrive. Sometimes rare mushrooms can be found. The most important animals living in this area include the martin, spider web, spiders, earthworm, millipede, raven, snipe, stork, eagle owl and other representatives of the animal kingdom.

Velký Špičák and Velké Javoří
Velký Špičák and Velké Javoří form a common ridge part. Towards the top of Velký Špičák, the terrain begins to break down considerably, with terraces and smaller rocky seas to be seen. You will certainly be interested in the distinctive frost log cabins, the walls weathered by the effects of frost. In the southwest there are springs, the soil is moist, and therefore suitable for the growth of local flora. However, the vegetation here is often damaged by wildlife.

Špičák nature trail
The Špičák nature trail starts from the edge of Třešť itself. It leads through forest and field paths, you can get information from information boards that are located along the path. The trail measures about 5 km and is intended for tourists of any age. There are five stops on the route. The circuit can be modified to be combined with hiking trails.

Author: Helena Syslová