Přivýšina u Prachovských skal

The ridge is part of the eastern side of the Prachovské rocks. You can find this relatively short rocky ridge on the outskirts of Prachov, directly above the Jinolické ponds. Its highest point is the peak of the same name, which is actually the highest peak of the entire Prachovská hills and is located at an altitude of 464 meters above sea level.

Přivýšina u Prachovských skal Přivýšina u Prachovských skal Přivýšina u Prachovských skal Přivýšina u Prachovských skal

Information for visitors

Adress: , Prachov
GPS: 50.46573000, 15.32051970
Přivýšina u Prachovských skal map

Interesting facts Přivýšina u Prachovských skal

The ridge was created by volcanic activity and there is a relatively unknown but interesting, small rock town by tourists. The place is easily accessible by several hiking trails, of which the mildest and fastest leads from the Prachov road along the blue. You can walk along the wide forest path to the top of Přivýšina in perhaps 30 to 45 minutes (that is, if you enjoy a lot). At the top of the hill you will find not only a signpost, but also the breathtaking Václav Čtvrtek Viewpoint. From this viewpoint you can see the town of Jičín, Ostrožno, Veliš and Zebín. The peak of Přivýšina is only 1.3 kilometers away from Prachov.

The local signpost will give you a choice:

• Continue along the blue to the end of Přivýšina, where you will find the Brada peak at an altitude of 439 meters above sea level, from where you can continue through the village of the same name to Jičín, 5 kilometers away. Once upon a time there was a castle on Brada, today there is a memorial cross and two statues of saints in memory of the battle of Jičín from 1866.

• Continue along the yellow road to Jinolické ponds, which are an important recreational center of the Bohemian Paradise. The ponds are only 3.5 kilometers away on a comfortable path, which gradually descends.

• Go back along the green, ie go through the whole local rock town, so that you end up just above the Prachov road again on the blue tourist sign.

Přívýšina is a much smaller locality than the center of Prachovské skal. A local trip to the top and a tour of the rock town will take you a maximum of 2 hours, but even so, a visit to this place is definitely worth it.

Author: Adriana Dosedělová