Rocks Prachov

You will definitely not be short of trips in the Bohemian Paradise. Although the offer is rich, like all tourists, you will definitely not miss Prachovské skály, one of the traditional and well-known areas of the Bohemian Paradise. Beautiful nature and ideal conditions for mountaineering are the reason why tourism has a very long tradition here. Even today, you can appreciate the benefits of developed tourism in the rock town or its surroundings.

Information for visitors

Adress: Blata 15, Jičín
GPS: 50.46457500, 15.28440280
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Interesting facts Rocks Prachov

Sandstone rock town
When you say Prachovské skály, everyone imagines an extensive sandstone rock town. You can climb to the top of the plateau, from where there is a beautiful view of the whole of Bohemian Paradise and its surroundings. Two sightseeing tours provide a wide range of options for planning trips. The visitor to each of them will not only see the natural beauty, but will also enjoy the rocks literally on their own skin - various passages, caves, stairs, labyrinths or climbing frames will attract both small and large visitors.

An interesting history of the Prachovské rocks
People lived in Prachovské skaly already in the Stone Age. The rocks provided them with protection and refuge. To this day, there are visible remains of ramparts that remained here after the Slavic population from the 6th century. The monuments commemorate the Prussian-Austrian battle of 1866. Thanks to the efforts of the owners, the rocks have been open to the public since the 19th century. The system of paths serves the public to this day, it is not allowed to turn from the marked routes.

Nature and sport are in harmony here
Mountaineering in beautiful nature - you can still watch the Prachovské rocks, if you are a fan of mountaineering. The rock formations rise to a height of 40 meters. Paths for climbers are marked in the guide. These are rock towers with varying difficulty of ascent. Mountaineering does not disturb the original inhabitants, owls, bats or various species of dates. Even on the tops of the rocks there are beautiful pines. Prachovské skály were declared a nature reserve as early as 1933.

Author: Helena Syslová