Broumov walls

Are you attracted by breathtaking views of the countryside, high rocks, narrow gorges, caves and beautiful nature? Then put on the mountains and come with us to the Hradec Králové region, where the rocky zone of the Broumov walls rises majestically.

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Adress: , Křinice
GPS: 50.54004440, 16.30240080
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Interesting facts Broumov walls

The area was declared a national nature reserve with an area of ​​638 ha in 1956. This 12 km long ridge divides the areas between Police nad Metují and Broumov. The Walls slope slightly into the Polická Basin and are furrowed by deep valleys, creating small rock towns. In contrast, towards the Broumov Basin, the Walls are sometimes only a few meters wide and very steep. The highest peak is Božanovský špák, measuring 773 m. Here you will see nice examples of selective weathering in the form of rock mushrooms and bowls. You will also find caves and rock gates, such as the Forge in Kovářov Gorge. In the coldest you will discover ice in July. Of the important plants, black honeysuckle, poison ivy and, rarely, an overhanging rose thrive here. In the predominant spruce forests, you can observe mountain bream, dormouse and dormouse, badger or fox. Rarely also the peregrine falcon, the great eagle owl and the little owl.

Laudon's ramparts, remnants of the Austro-Prussian War, have been preserved on the edge of the Honský Canine. The Rock Theater viewpoint offers a view of Kovář's gorge and a number of rock towers. In the distant Giant Mountains you can see from the vantage point the Vulture Basket, which was modified in 1855. In the central part is the Chapel of the Virgin Mary, built according to the project of K. I. Dietzenhofer. It has a floor plan of a five-pointed star and from its gallery you can enjoy a view of the Broumov basin and the Javoří mountains. Near the chapel is a wooden cottage Hvězda, built in the Alpine style in the 19th century.

The whole ridge is densely interwoven with tourist signs that are suitable for cyclists and cross-country skiers. They will take you to climbing walls, for example. But where they will not take you, they are waterfalls. These are difficult to access and also off the beaten track. Off-road movement is prohibited in the nature park, because the local landscape is sensitive to human presence.

Author: Marie Bukovinská