Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují

Between Náchod and Nový Město, the Metuje River forms a canyon longer than 10 km. You should definitely visit this nature reserve. This place had its visitors already in the 19th century, when it was a very popular place for excursions. At present, a large number of hiking trails and bike paths pass through here. No matter what time of year you go to Hell, you will definitely not regret it. The riverbed, rocks and rapids will enchant even those who do not consider themselves romantics.

Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují

Information for visitors

Adress: Peklo, Nové Město nad Metují
GPS: 50.37917310, 16.18582110
Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují map

Interesting facts Peklo u Nového Města nad Metují

Nature reserve since 1997
The reason for declaring a nature reserve is rare species of animals and plants. In the cold environment of the narrow valley, various natural communities, both forest, water and rock, have been preserved. You can admire, for example, beech forests with a large number of flowers and animal inhabitants, rubble forests or inhabitants of rock crevices. The relief of the valley itself also deserves protection - rubble, soil and rocks on the slopes above the rapids are unique. The local natural scenery is really wild, the river flows through an unregulated riverbed, which really deserves protection.

Relax in the village of the same name
Hell is also the name of the settlement, which consists mainly of recreational facilities. Through the valley you can walk to the former mill with the distinctive name Pekelec. There has been a cruise restaurant here since 1912, which still provides refreshments. The important architectural monument Bartoň's Cozy is decorated with figures and other motifs of devils and also offers devil's specialties. After a walk through the protected area, you can relax and have fun here.

The riverbed is the most attractive
Tourists stay the most around the riverbed and admire the rocks in unreal forms - individual boulders, entire rock fields or frost log cabins, vertical walls with distinct cracks. In addition to the predominant beech forests, you can also see very old maples, you will find many rare plants and animals. Surely you will recognize a black stork, a spotted salamander, a wood pigeon or a great owl.

Author: Helena Syslová