Polické stěny

If you find yourself in the Náchod district, be sure to take a trip to the charming area of Polické stěny. The national natural monument with an area of 686 hectares consists of a huge maze of ravines made of sandstone blocks. Already in 1956, Polické stěny became part of a protected area managed by the Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area. Water and wind have been forming sandstone blocks here for millennia and have given rise to sandstone formations of unreal forms.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Police nad Metují
GPS: 50.51107780, 16.29905810
Polické stěny map

Interesting facts Polické stěny

Originally there was a seabed
The block sandstones you see here were in ancient times the bottom of the sea from the Mesozoic period. Sandstone formed from the glued sand. He later cracked into massive blocks. In the area of ​​Polické stěny, a unique formation was created, which consists of rock plateaus and towns, divided into various canyons, gorges, caves, rock towers and ridges. The original plant and animal communities have been preserved here, although air pollution in the second half of the 20th century caused the destruction of the original forest. The original forest is gradually being restored.

Visit Kovář's gorge
The rock plateaus are located on sandstone ridges and a number of gorges lead from them, which drain water. Kovář's gorge is one of the most famous and most visited. The deep and about a kilometer long canyon is surrounded by rock blocks and high towers and you can see sandstone caves. Due to the protection of rocks and vegetation, the regime of movement of tourists is regulated here, special rules also apply to climbers. Climbing areas are strictly defined here.

See typical plants and animals
At the bottom of deep sandstone ravines, snow stays for a long time, sometimes until the beginning of summer. There is less sunshine, so you can see mountain spruces here, there are a large number of lichens and mosses on the rock walls. There is heat and drought on the rock plateaus and the tops of the rocks, the water is drained into the gorges, so there are rich bushes of heather, blueberries and cranberries. You will also meet rare amphibians, snakes, owls and other representatives of the animal kingdom.

Author: Helena Syslová