In the Orlické Mountains, Bukačka is the most important small-scale protected area. It is a national nature reserve, which is located about 1.6 km from the top of Šerlich and about a kilometer from Masaryk's cottage, which is just below the top. Bukačka is located at an altitude of 910 to 1,025 meters and an area of 50.74 hectares.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Sedloňov
GPS: 50.33804440, 16.37216390
Bukačka map

Interesting facts Bukačka

Beech forest with 200-year-old beeches

The Bukačka National Nature Reserve was established in 1954. It consists of a dwarf beech forest with spruce, crane and sycamore. You will find beeches up to 200 years old, but they reach a height of only about 15 meters, which is due to local climatic conditions. In the last century, at the time of the plundering of forests in the Eagle Mountains, these beeches were saved thanks to low-quality wood and crooked trunks.

Peat meadow

Another very precious part of the Bukačka National Nature Reserve is a peat meadow, the subsoil of which is formed by phyllitic gneiss, which Jirásek's path divides into two almost identical parts. This is the so-called pralouku. At the time when this mountain range was forcibly deforested by man, there was already a meadow without vegetation in these places.

"Botanical Garden of the Eagle Mountains"

This is how Bukačka is often called. The reason is the diversity of plant species that occur here. There are a total of 294 different species of higher plants in the Bukačka National Nature Reserve, of which 23 are protected.

Which plants can you find here? For example, the spring feverfew, the Solomon's thistle and the variegated thistle, the May and leaf thistle, the Sudeten or the endangered penguin.

Nature trail

NPR Bukačka can be walked along the nature trail Around Deštné. It starts at the Deštná - Zákoutí stop, then leads over the top of Šerlich, Bukačka and ends at the church in Deštná. There are a total of 8 stops on the route and the total length of the trail is about 15 km.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová