Jelení lázeň peat-bog

Upland peat bogs, where rare species of plants and lakes occur, can be found between Malá and Velká Deštná in the Orlické Mountains and is called Jelení láz. This nature reserve used to be surrounded by forests, but now there are extensive clearings around it.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Zákoutí
GPS: 50.31058080, 16.39800220
Jelení lázeň peat-bog map

Interesting facts Jelení lázeň peat-bog

Jelení lázně can be found about 1 km north of the peak of Velká Deštná - the highest peak in the Eagle Mountains. The area of ​​Jelení lázně is 3.62 ha and its length is 1 km. It is located at an altitude of 1,070 meters.

The Deer Bath was declared a nature reserve in 1982.

The reason for the protection of this area as a nature reserve is a ridge peat bog of the upland type, where there is a characteristic endangered flora, fauna and typical peat phenomena. The Jelení lázně peat bog transforms into subalpine spruces and romantic corners create numerous lakes here.

TIP: The most attractive tip for a trip around Jelení lázně is undoubtedly Velká Deštná, located at an altitude of 1,115 meters and about 3 km from Deštná. Right on the top there is a lookout tower Štefanova vyhlídka, from which it is possible to see Hradec Králové with good visibility.

The total area of ​​the peat bog is not large. The individual layers reach 0.5 - 1 m. Among the rare plant species, you can see, for example, the blueberry, the heart-bearded vulture, the grayling or the scaly blueberry.

TIP: On the way to Jelení lázně you can go along Jirásek's path, which is an educational trail marked with a red tourist sign. This is the largest ridge path in the Eagle Mountains.