Braun's nativity scene near Žirče

Today, the nature sculpture reserve is a fraction of the original unique. These are biblical scenes created in the 1920s by Count F. A. Špork, the owner of the nearby Kuks, in the workshop of M. B. Braun (1684 - 1738). He wanted to have another place of relaxation and meditation for his guests, who come to the healing springs of the local spa.

Braun's nativity scene near Žirče Braun's nativity scene near Žirče Braun's nativity scene near Žirče Braun's nativity scene near Žirče

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Adress: , Hřibojedy
GPS: 50.39702000, 15.84741030
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Interesting facts Braun's nativity scene near Žirče

In the years 1723 - 1732, a Jesuit, a kind of park with figures carved into the sandstone base, was established in the New Forest near Žirče, where the Jesuits were completely inclined to it. In its pure form, there were several sculptures of Christ tempted by the devil, a statue of St. Jerome with a lion, beautiful fountains and fountains, some of the pink marble, etc. At present, you will only encounter a torsion of all that splendor, yet it would be a sin not to visit a special forest. When you see, for example, a baroque fountain, which in the middle of the forest gives the impression of a ghost, you will certainly not regret it for a moment. It's such a small revelation. Fountain? In the forest? Unusual ...

It is certainly interesting that originally all the sculptures were treated in color or polychrome. It is only marginally possible to see in a few places that this was indeed the case. In any case, the Baroque work of Braun's group is one of the highlights of the art of its time. Just as the sculptor enrolled in the depiction of Virtues and Vices on Kuks, so he engraved an indelible mark of his art.

The whole park was irreversibly damaged not only by the effects of the weather; he especially took it for granted during the construction of the Josefov Fortress in the years 1781 - 1787. The company of that time was looking for a stone for mining where possible, and did not bypass the New Forest either. Incomprehensible, but unfortunately a true statement. And it's not just about this monument. Similar destinies awaited many others.

Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý