Desolate Castle - Fredevald

In the picturesque valley of the river Kamenice, approximately 3 km from the village of Česká Kamenice, we find Pustý zámek - a steep bell-shaped rocky promontory, rising to a height of 405 meters. Once upon a time it was a continuous bell-shaped body connected with the nearby Břidličný vrch, but over the years the river between the two formations dug a rock gorge.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Dubá
GPS: 50.51229860, 14.49857890
Desolate Castle - Fredevald map

Interesting facts Desolate Castle - Fredevald

The desolate chateau consists of an approximately 50-meter rock wall, which was created due to erosion and partly also by breaking off during the construction of the road in the 19th century. It consists of 4- to 6-sided bell-shaped columns up to 25 meters long and almost two meters thick. The position of the columns at the foot of the rock is almost horizontal, but they tilt gently upwards, creating the impression of a huge fan.

In 1956, Pustý zámek was declared a natural monument.

How to get here?

Although you will not be able to get to Pustý zámek on any of the marked routes, you can go here on the nature trail Around Studenec.

If you go about 250 meters northwest of Pustý zámek, you will come across a 2 meter high sandstone rock, which serves as an old indicator of the boundary of the estate. Right in its front wall you can see two carved crosses and dates.

If you continue northwest, then after about half a kilometer you will come across Blumberg's monument, which commemorates the unfortunate event of July 4, 1833. At that time, the robber Babinsky was attacked and killed by Johann Gottfried Blumberg, a merchant from Hirschfeld in Saxony.

Fredevald - castle ruins

Right on the rocky promontory, you can still see the torso of Fredevald Castle, which was probably built during the 13th century by the Michalovce family. His task was to protect the trade route from Kamenice to Zittau.

Fredevald is first mentioned in historical sources in connection with the year 1406, but at that time it was already owned by Hynek Berka of Dubá. Later, the castle was annexed to the Děčín estate and in 1440 it was conquered, then abandoned and has since gradually fallen into disrepair.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová