Hradčanské stěny

Hradčany walls represent a large group of rocks in the area of the former military area Ralsko, near Mácha's Lake and the town of Mimoň. Starting in 1993, the Kummer Mountains and the Dokeská Region fall under the protected area. In Hradčany walls you can come across very interesting formations, such as the Dog Churches or the Small Pravčická Gate.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Hradčany
GPS: 50.61705940, 14.69589610
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Interesting facts Hradčanské stěny

They are formed by a jagged sandstone plateau, from which protrude strange rock formations, sinking into the gorge.

The whole area is full of interesting places. These are, for example, narrow gorges and beech forests. The locality is largely covered by forest, and therefore the Hradčany walls cannot be seen so well from a distance. You can see about twenty endangered and protected (even critically endangered) plant species here. Of course, rock formations attract attention in the first place: lids, towers or a rock gate. There is a raven and a great eagle owl.

In the past, there was a military base in the village of Hradčany, and if we say "Ralsko", we will certainly remember an inaccessible military area. Today's appearance of the village and the surrounding landscape has a quite different character! There is a recreation center with a range of options for trips. The surrounding forests encourage mushroom picking and Hradčanský rybník encourages swimming.

Sandstone formations of Hradčany walls

Dog churches - a rock with a number of corridors and caves. They are about 200 meters from the Rock Gate. The formation has the form of a rugged sandstone overhang, which passes into the cave. In an interesting gallery corridor, there are windows in some places, offering a beautiful view towards the valley. Elsewhere, the rock turns into stone chambers that support sandstone columns. The corridors are about 80 meters long and the width between the two outer overhangs is 35 meters.
Little Pravčická Gate - is also called the Rock Gate and resembles a copy of the real Pravčická Gate. Its height is about 4 meters and the width reaches similar dimensions.
The Raven Rock
Jindřichův kopec
Cottage cheese
A green marked hiking trail will take you through all the most interesting formations of the Hradčany Walls.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová