The Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area is the youngest declared protected area in Bohemia. It was announced by the government on April 9, 2014, and the decision came into force on September 1 of the same year.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Kokořín
GPS: 50.49489280, 14.53436780
Kokořínsko map

Interesting facts Kokořínsko

It consists of two discontinuous parts:

Kokořínsko (274 km2) - this is the original part, announced in 1976
Macha Area (136 km2) - a newly declared area
The aim is to protect, preserve and restore the original natural environment, the ecosystem of wildlife and wild plants, preserve and restore the ecological functions of the area and preserve the typical character of the local landscape.

The Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area includes the following areas: Mšensko, Dubsko, Kokořínský důl, Liběchovsko, Jestřebsko, Dokesko, Ralsko, Podbezdězí, Polomené hory, nivy Ploučnice, Liběchovky and Pšovky.

The Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area also tries to preserve the uniqueness of flat basins with numerous ponds, peat bogs, valleys and rock towns, non-volcanic hills and meandering streams of the mentioned rivers.

What to see here and where to go on a trip?

The Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area has a picturesque character, which is formed by romantic gorges, lakes, villages with houses of folk architecture, ravines, rock formations and other attractions. It is located only forty kilometers from Prague and you can really discover a whole range of beauties.

Sandstones were here ninety million years ago, when the whole area was covered by prehistoric sea. In the sandstone plateaus there are deeply cut canyon-like valleys, at the edges of which rock towns have formed. Their bizarreness is evidenced only by names such as Frog, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Giant's Head.

During volcanic activities during the Late Tertiary, they penetrated through massive layers of lava sandstone and gave rise to hills such as Nedvězí, Korecký vrch or Vrátenská hora, where you will find one of the most beautiful lookout towers in Bohemia.

The most popular place in this area is the Kokořín castle, which rises above the Kokořín mine. The local valley with a length of 14 km is a nature reserve and you can come across a number of interesting places, such as the rock formations of Poklička, to which the famous Cinibulkova trail will take you.

Another of the romantic places that are worth a trip in the region is Houska Castle or Harasov Pond. Another great tip for the trip are Devil's Heads, works by the sculptor Václav Levý, who engraved them in sandstone rocks almost two hundred years ago.

Other, no less interesting places are, for example, Macha Lake, Bezděz Castle, the ruins of Ralsko Castle or Hradčanské stěny.