Few visitors to the famous Macha Lake know that there is a national natural monument with the special name Swamp. Swamp is an English term for a swamp and thus indicates the character of this natural monument. It is not known why this English designation was used, but a walk along the nature trail, for example, is a very interesting way to diversify your stay on the shores of Lake Mácha and you should definitely not miss it. The area has been protected for several decades, and has been a national natural monument since 2009.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Doksy
GPS: 50.57976110, 14.66722810
Swamp map

Interesting facts Swamp

Remains of a peat bog are protected
The peat bog, which once stretched over the entire area of ​​Macha Lake, has been preserved only in the remains on the shores of the present lake. Rare species of animals and plants live here. Under the microscope, you could observe various species of algae, especially cyanobacteria, beauties and diatoms, a total of about 170 species. Some algae are completely unique here, such as the newly discovered armor. Local algae are also the subject of scientific research, which has been carried out here since the beginning of the last century.

Animals are mainly represented by birds
Thanks to the protection zone and natural paved dams, rare species of birds have settled here, you can meet the kingfisher, the great bustard, the snipe or the moth. Of course, other representatives of the bird kingdom also live here. Rare plants include sundew, water lilies, barnacles or tubers.

Swamp nature trail
You can also go on a nature trail. The individual stations on the route are marked and you can get information from six educational boards. The aim is to get acquainted with the flora and fauna that is protected here, and with the history and operation of pond farming. The trail leads along the route of the yellow tourist sign. Access to some parts of the Swamp is completely forbidden. You will also find peat pines and reeds here. Admire the lakes, flooded depressions and dams between them. But stay the way, soaking in the peat bog is not a pleasant experience.

Author: Helena Syslová