Borek rocks

Borecké skály can be found one kilometer west of the center of Rovensko pod Troskami. Equally far away is the village of Borek, which lies on the other side of the Borecký forest. Borecké rocks also geographically belong to the Bohemian Paradise and since 1985 they are also a protected natural monument.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Rovensko pod Troskami/Borek pod Troskami
GPS: 50.53724000, 15.24236970
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Interesting facts Borek rocks

You can get to Borecké skaly either from Borek pod Troskami or from Rovensko pod Troskami, following the blue marked tourist sign. From each side it is necessary to cross a meadow, which extends to a 120-year-old pine forest (which is also called the Fairytale Forest). Inside this forest lies an interesting sandstone rock town. These rocks are unusual not only due to the vegetation and very exceptional panoramas, but also for their very interesting shapes. The local rocks gained thanks to weather conditions and constant weathering. The rock town stretches from 100 m above sea level to a height of 360 m above sea level. The sandstone rocks in this locality are usually about 25 - 30 meters high. Sandstone rocks are characterized by the fact that they are formed of several layers (coarse-grained yellow sandstone, medium-coarse-grained sandstone and clay-powder sandstone). You can recognize it on the rocks by the very unusual sedimentation of textures. The local canyons and chimneys will also add to the drama. A number of deep cavities and overhangs also make a great impression. Borecké rocks cover an area of ​​29.3 and have the shape of the letter "C".

The highest peak of Borecké skaly can be found right at the beginning (closer to Rovensko pod skalami), it is the peak of Bor with an altitude of 360 meters. The name of the rocks is derived from the fact that the entire surface is covered by more than 120 years old pine forest. Not far from Bor you will find Chekhov's viewpoint, which offers you the most beautiful view of the Ruins. The opposite rock Turtle here has the role of a patron and protector of the rocks. Admission to the rocks is free, with both a hiking trail and a very popular and popular bike path.

Author: Adriana Dosedělová