In the north of our republic, in an area called Bohemian Paradise, lies the Hruboskalsko nature reserve. Its main part is the largest rock town in our country, Hrubé skály. Impressive rock towers rising high to the sky, surrounded by treetops of dense forest around, this is the connection that creates breathtaking scenery.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Hrubá Skála
GPS: 50.55052580, 15.17971580
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Interesting facts Hruboskalsko

The rock town of Hrubé skály can be found about 5 km southeast of the town of Turnov, from where you can reach it along a marked hiking trail. However, you can comfortably drive to the surroundings of the rocks to the Hrubá skála chateau or to the Sedmihorky spa and only park there. Hruboskalsko is freely accessible all year round. Several marked paths pass through the rock town and also a 7.5 km long nature trail. The red marked Golden Trail of the Bohemian Paradise leads through the top floors of the rock town, from the Hrubá skála chateau to the Hlavatice lookout tower. It has the best views and can be completed by bike or pram.

The reserve covers an area of ​​220 ha and has been declared since 1998, but it protects the amazing sandstone formations that have been formed here for the last 18 to 20 million years. Sandstone is a relatively unstable rock, so thanks to the effects of weather and other influences, it is constantly working. Thanks to this, we can admire a number of shapes and forms of various sizes in the rocks, such as gates, eyes or honeycombs. The rock towers rise to a height of 60 meters and there are more than 400 of them. In addition to tourists, they are also a popular place for climbers. Some of the towers are also named, the highest is the Kapelník tower, the respectable are also Taktovka, Lighthouse, Scout Tower or Dragon Tower. Also, several modified viewpoints are very well known, such as U Lvíčka, the viewpoint of the Band, Janova vyhlídka or Mariánská vyhlídka. From it you can see the Dragon Rocks and in their background the castle Trosky. Bránička is also beautiful - a rock gate with a perfectly vaulted ceiling. Those who visit the Hrubá skála chateau will certainly not miss the deep gorge below it, into which a 65 m long narrow gorge called the Mouse Hole leads.

Many of you have seen this area on television without even knowing it. It was here that the film How to Get Daddy to a Rehabilitation Center and also the fairy tale Bajaja were shot.

Beauty and romance breathe from the photos of this place, and only when you see everything live.

Author: Martina Limbergová

Photo author: Monika Pelcová