Žárový vrch

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the Jeseníky Mountains? Then ascend to Žárový vrch, the top of which rises at a height of 1093 m above sea level southwest of Vrbno pod Pradědem. The hill is not on a hiking trail, only a bike path leads around it. You will enjoy such a beautiful walk on forest paths. When viewed from the top, you can see, for example, Praděd and other mountains, on the slope of the hill you can visit Pytlácká chata or Sedlová bouda. The natural stands of beeches, spruces and sycamore here have the character of a forest and form a protected area of Jelení bučina. The rock formation on the top of Žárový vrch is a natural monument.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Ludvíkov
GPS: 50.10910000, 17.31199920
Žárový vrch map

Interesting facts Žárový vrch

Follow the forest road to the top
Already on the way to the top rock you can see interesting rock formations. They start with a rock wall, which resembles a rock tower in shape, then it is necessary to go over the glade to the very top. There are a large number of rock formations in the top clearing. You can indulge in a wonderful circular view or relax by the top of the rock. The rock formations here form whole blocks, boulders lie loosely here and there are lonely rocks. You can also see frost log cabins, walls and other creations created by various types of weathering.

You will feel like in a rock town
Žárový vrch is a distinctive ridge with a peak plateau, from which rises the main peak rock and where there is another large number of rock formations. When you explore them, you will feel like in a rock town. You can walk here, you can climb some rocks, in some you have dug niches where interesting photos can be taken. You will definitely not be bored here.

Deer beech on the western slope
Žárový vrch has the so-called Jelení bučinu, a protected primeval forest remnant, on its western slope. The trees grow here on block rubble, the vegetation consists of beeches and maples, you will also find elms and several original spruces. This stand with lying fresh and rotting wood is called the best-preserved forest stand in the Jeseníky Mountains.

Author: Helena Syslová