High waterfall

If you walk around Studený potok in the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range, you are guaranteed to come to a waterfall with the distinctive name Vysoký - its height is up to 45 meters and is the highest waterfall in the whole mountain range. In the place where the stream of water falls from a height, interesting formations, various pits and depressions in the shape of bowls or pots have formed. Rare species of plants grow on the rocks, which are constantly supplied by running water, and interesting and protected animals live in the area. Therefore, the area has been subject to protection since 1982.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Bělá pod Pradědem
GPS: 50.11173000, 17.20611190
High waterfall map

Interesting facts High waterfall

The waterfall was damaged by floods
The waterfall is marked as partially preserved and is freely accessible. The cold stream crosses a rocky walkway and falls to a depth of 45 meters. Originally, the waterfall was completely continuous, but during the flood of 1880, its integrity was broken and it was divided into individual cascades and streams. You can see cascades and rapids all the way along the Studený stream to the Bělá river, into which the stream flows.

Plants and animals are protected
The reason for the protection of this area are mainly plants that grow on springs and rocks washed by water. Constantly dripping water creates conditions for plants that you will not encounter on drier rocks. Interesting mosses or ferns grow here, you can see, for example, the thistle of Solomon's. Protected birds and predators nest in the area, such as the peregrine falcon, the spotted walnut or the raven. The island lynx used to live here, which is strictly protected, but in the past it was almost exterminated here.

The high waterfall is impressive
You can enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfall when viewed from below, the total tour lasts about 15 minutes and the view of the water falling from such a height is really impressive. Another option is a view from the opposite promontory, which leads to a marked hiking trail. You can also enjoy the view of rocks of unusual shapes, which were created by the Cold Stream for centuries.

Author: Helena Syslová