Mossy lakes on Rejvíz

Let yourself be introduced to a fairy-tale place in the Jeseníky Mountains, with a little imagination you may see some supernatural being who settled in the local swamps.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Zlaté Hory
GPS: 50.21975810, 17.29157470
Mossy lakes on Rejvíz map

Interesting facts Mossy lakes on Rejvíz

The largest Moravian peat bog is made up of two lakes, Velký and Malý. The Great spreads over an area of ​​1,692 m2, is 2 to 3 m deep and has a volume of 4,048 m3.

The peat bog was formed at the end of the Ice Age. Originally, there were only a few depressions with water, which were overgrown with peat bogs, until they merged into one continuous area of ​​the peat bog.

There are mainly peatland plant species, such as peat bogs, sagebrush or marsh cranberry. From woody plants, Scots pine, Carpathian birch or spruce. The Carpathian newt thrives in ponds in the meadows, and the protected field rattlesnake has found its nest here. You can also come across a common viper or a peat awl here.

An educational trail with information boards leads to the Great Lake from Rejvíz. It is 2 km long and only accessible for pedestrians. Access to the Small Lake is strictly forbidden. You can only move here on marked sidewalks.

Author: Marie Bukovinská