Giant rocks

The breathtaking Giant Rocks in the Jeseníky Mountains create an interesting landmark near Ramzovské sedlo in the form of weathered rocks, about 15 meters high. The rock itself is related to the legend of the giant Amík, who bet with a giant from the neighboring region that the rock block would throw further than he. He lost the bet and then, in a fit of rage, tore the rock into two pieces. Looking at the rock full of gutters and covers, you might as well tell the truth ...

Information for visitors

Adress: , Lipová-lázně
GPS: 50.19772720, 17.10105890
Giant rocks map

Interesting facts Giant rocks

These massive rocks rise at an altitude of 1082 m above sea level, right next to the region of the Šerák-Keprník National Nature Reserve and offer a magical view towards the Rychlebské Mountains, Kralický Sněžník and even the Polish side, where the individual peaks are recognizable with good visibility.

The subsoil itself is formed by the twill orthorhombic, characterized by the weathering process of these rocks, which creates rock windows, lids, mushrooms and gutters, which, despite the ban, are used by enthusiastic climbers.

It is forbidden to enter the very top of the Giant Rocks, but of course you can ascend to their top, where there is also a shelter for tourists. A trip to the Giant Rocks can be combined with the route to Ramzová or nearby Keprník, from where there is a beautiful circular view of the near and far surroundings, such as the Giant Mountains.