Toulovcovy Maštale

Let yourself be seduced by a magical walk through the Toulovcovy maštale nature reserve and draw new energy and peace from the local sandstone formations! Novohradka has dug picturesque streams here, flowing through the rocky valley, cave holes will provide you with coolness even in the greatest heat, and you can complete the expedition with a view from the top of Toulovcova lookout tower!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Budislav
GPS: 49.81503000, 16.14459030
Toulovcovy Maštale map

Interesting facts Toulovcovy Maštale

It would probably be good to start first with Vavřinec Toulovec himself. He is considered an important figure from the Litomyšl region, he was born in the middle of the 14th century in Sebranice and legends say that he was a robber knight in his youth, who had his hiding place in Toulovcovy maštály and organized robbery raids there. In old age, however, he is already referred to as a respected burgher who is famous for his charity. Toulovcovy maštale got its magical place, together with the local lookout tower, the name after him.

Toulovcovy maštale is located near Budislav, about 15 km from Litomyšl to the southwest. This is a natural area with sandstone rocks, which create interesting formations here, such as in the case of Columbus' egg. There are a number of wonderful places, such as a cave with a bedroom and a vestibule, the Pulpit or Dudych's Cave. Toulovcovy maštale are interwoven with a number of hiking trails. For example, the one that leads to Nové Hrady, where the chateau is located, is definitely worth a walk.

In 2002, the Toulovcova lookout tower was opened to the public near the Maštalí region.