Black Lake

Černé jezero, 6 km from Železná Ruda and 1 km from the German border, belongs to one of the Šumava natural reservoirs. Its area is more than 18 ha, the depth reaches up to 40 m and together with the Devil's Lake it has been a National Natural Monument since 1933. This is also because rare species of plants and animals live here. Among the plants, we can mention, for example, peat bogs or peat bogs, and phytoplankton, for example, goldfinches or nacre. Waterfowl and a variety of insects also thrive here.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Železná Ruda
GPS: 49.18046690, 13.18449280
Black Lake map

Interesting facts Black Lake

This wonderful natural gem has also inspired many of our artists. The romance about the Black Lake was written by Jan Neruda, but Adolf Heyduk or Jaroslav Vrchlický were also literary in connection with this body of water. Antonín Dvořák, who wrote the famous work From Šumava, did not remain cold towards clean and icy water.

The lake is located at an altitude of 1008 meters and can be reached on an asphalt road from Špičácký sedlo, but also on hiking trails. If you are interested in another mentioned lake - Čertovo, just develop the remnants of strength and climb to it through a relatively steep forest. It is 2.5 km away, which is not much. Capable athletes will be there in a few tens of minutes, the more comfortable ones within an hour.

Black Lake is one of eight core lakes, three of which lie on the German side of the Šumava. Ours are therefore represented in addition to the two mentioned by Lake Plešné, Prášilský and Lake Laka. Be sure not to forget them on the roads near the western border of Bohemia. It is not allowed to swim in them, but the sight of a silver glittering surface with swaying wild ducks will make up for everything.

Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý