The Vydra River winds through a canyon with many rapids, waterfalls, cascades and boulders between the former settlement of Antýgl and Čeňková pila. The river section is boulder-like, lying in a wooded valley, on the slopes of which there are numerous rocky seas. This part of the river falls into the 1st zone of the Šumava National Park. The valley itself is a natural monument and you can walk it on a 7 km long nature trail. The Povydří valley is one of the most beautiful places in Šumava and you will definitely not be bored here.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Srní
GPS: 49.10653610, 13.49328280
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Interesting facts Povydří

Povydří inspired many artists
The nature trail is easily accessible from both ends, you can start both in the village of Antýgl and at Čeňkov sawmill. Along the way, you will feel respect for the natural forces that created such a valley. The wild river, massive untamed forests, boulders on the slopes and in the riverbed itself arouse the admiration of many tourists. This unique landscape also enchanted many artists, most of all the writer Karel Klostermann, who was called the writer of Šumava.

Where to stop in Povydří
On the trail in Povydří, be sure to stop at the wonderful rock formations called viklany. The most famous are the rocks Baba, Panna and Mnich. Take a good look at the giant pots, the depressions at the bottom of the river. The pebbles and sands carried by the water cut large holes in the bottom or in the stones, resembling bowls or pots. The rocky seas date back to the ice ages in the Quaternary. The water tore through the rock walls, which eventually disintegrated into boulders. These form areas resembling the sea of ​​stones. Lichens grow here, snakes, spiders and insects live here.

The riverbed was also affected by human activity
The Povydří valley itself has long resisted human activity. The naturally inaccessible landscape without roads was not very attractive. It was not until the 19th century that the bank of the Vydra River became accessible in connection with logging. The owners of the Schwarzenberg estate had a canal built to cross the navigable river section. The river remained wild enough to attract tourists. An inn was built in the middle of Povydří, later Turner's cottage, where you can interrupt your journey, relax and refresh yourself.

Author: Helena Syslová