Tupadel Rocks

The year was 1967, when the gem described today became a natural monument. These are Tupadelské skály in the Klatovy district, individual and adjoining formations with a total length of 230 meters and an area of 0.48 hectares. The highest rock rises to a height of 15 meters, is called the Cat's Head and is also designed for abseiling.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Tupadly
GPS: 49.40077500, 13.22996690
Tupadel Rocks map

Interesting facts Tupadel Rocks

What is this colossus made of? Most people would certainly opt for sandstone if they were asked without a closer acquaintance with the place. Never. The rock, which is colored dark gray due to the graphitic pigment and which is interwoven with threads of quartz, is called a cobblestone. The beginnings of its origin are connected with the period of the ancient mountain seas, when more than 600 million years ago sediments from submarine volcanic springs began to deposit at their bottom. If we want to see the hardness of the cobblestone, let's not even try it. It is more than durable, weather and other influences of nature are short on it. The surface of this interesting gem is covered with a so-called moss waterfall and nearby we can admire various species of ferns.

Although it is a significant natural formation, it is surprising that no hiking trail leads to it. There is a green marked path nearby, but nowhere will you find anything that would direct you directly to the rocks. Basically, you can only get there with the help of local, very helpful people. The darkness of the forest and the overall atmosphere of this place create the impression that you are just remaining in the dark depths of our antiquity. Nice experience for adventurers. So take a basket and try to take away not only mushrooms but also interesting impressions from the surroundings of the village of Tupadly.

Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý