Voděradské beech forests

You can get acquainted with untouched nature by visiting the Voděradská bučiny National Nature Reserve. You will find this large protected area near the village of Černé Voděrady. You can do many activities here - hiking, biking, swimming in ponds, it is possible to collect mushrooms or just walk and relax. A large number of different natural beauties, boulders, streams, wells or old trees create magical and romantic nooks.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Jevany
GPS: 49.96930000, 14.78291110
Voděradské beech forests map

Interesting facts Voděradské beech forests

Forests and rocks are subject to protection
Extensive original beech forests and rocks disturbed by weathering and frost became the subject of protection in 1955. The forests themselves are mainly beeches, hornbeam, aspen, birch or linden also grow here. Part of the territory is kept for scientific purposes as a non-intervention area. You can also see rarer species of birds, fungi or plants.

There are two monuments on the nature trail
The local nature trail, which begins at the dam of the Jevanský pond, informs visitors about the plant and animal species that live here, and about the history and geology of the reserve. The trail leads from Jevanský to Vyžlovský pond. You can also stop at two monuments - one of them is dedicated to the author of the first forestry publication written in Czech, Václav Eliáš Lenhart, the other Ing. Dr. Josef Sigmond, professor of forestry at universities in Prague. One of the cornerstones of the National Theater was mined in the former Kamenka quarry, which is also located here.

Ideal sports activities
Many visitors commute to Voděradské beech forests from Prague. The local marked hiking trails and nature trail are fully used. The local ponds are used for recreational swimming, several ranches have been established here and there are a number of cottages, some of which belong to important personalities who also fell in love with this landscape. Snow stays here for quite a long time, which is why cross-country skiers who come to enjoy a popular sport come here, even though there is no snow elsewhere.

Author: Helena Syslová