Kokořínské pokličky

Kokořín Castle is one of our most visited and most famous castles and its surroundings offer many places to go on a trip. One of them is Pokličky (or also Mšenské and Jestřebické pokličky), sandstone formations up to 12 meters high. You will find them just 5 km from Kokořín.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Mšeno
GPS: 50.45533920, 14.58919690
Kokořínské pokličky map

Interesting facts Kokořínské pokličky

Pokličky are depicted on one of the postage stamps of the Czech Republic.

How did the Pokličky come about?

At first glance, they look like huge fungi and their shape is the result of gradual selective weathering of sandstone. At a width of about 1 meter, the upper layer is formed by a conglomerate of ferrous sandstone, which is more durable than a column of sandstone with an admixture of clay, which is located below.

They may remind you of the bizarre creations of the children of the giants, but it is said that they were created by leaching iron from igneous rocks from the Tertiary period, which were also helped by groundwater. In addition, the precipitation of limonite on conglomerate surfaces also played a role.

In any case, erosion is still working at Pokličky, which could lead to the weakening of the legs of rock formations and their subsequent collapse. Of course, this is not an event that should happen in the near future.

About Pokličky

You will be the first to see the most powerful Poklička. The view of it opens the moment you climb the wooden stairs. The dimensions of the hat of the largest lid are 6 x 5 x 1.5 meters and reaches a height of about 12 meters.

Climbers are strictly forbidden to enter Pokličky.

How to get here?

If you want to go on foot from Kokořín to Pokličky, follow the red marked hiking trails. The length of the route is about 5 km. If you come here by car, the path is easy and you can park near Pokličky itself.