Příhrazské rocks

If you are a fan of mountaineering or just admire the beautiful sandstone rock towers, you are in the right place. This nature reserve consists of a system of 178 rock towers and canyon-like valleys. The sandstone rocks have created a breathtaking rock town here, which has become an attractive destination for both hikers and climbers. However, cyclists have to leave their bikes at home, most of the routes are made up of paths with stairs and a challenging climb. You can choose various routes, Příhrazské skály are also suitable for families with children.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Mužský
GPS: 50.52412310, 15.06671920
Příhrazské rocks map

Interesting facts Příhrazské rocks

The rock town will not only please climbers
Climbers have been coming here for many decades, they can try climbing here in various levels of difficulty. Perhaps the most difficult ascent is the Mare's Head, which found its conquerors only in the 1930s. If you prefer hiking, you can take advantage of the rich network of hiking trails that pass through the most attractive places of the rock town. You can climb to the highest peak of the Mužský rocks, visit the ruins of the Drábská světnička rock castle or Valečov castle.

The vegetation is also magical here
The rocks are inextricably linked with the forest, fragrant pines predominate here, and in some places also oaks and beeches. Due to the extreme conditions, there are smaller trees, but you will see pines that are several hundred years old. Their shapes have also adapted to the environment and some look very strange. The valleys under the rocks are wet and cold, you can also meet spruces here. You can also enjoy romantic views of the countryside during your leisure walk.

Here you will find old castle ruins
In the Příhrazské skály nature reserve, you can also see prehistoric fortifications and the ruins of rock castles dating back to the Hussite wars. There is also a prayer room carved in the rock, which in the 17th century served as a shelter for the persecuted Czech Brothers. You can also walk to the Oběšenec pond, where you can relax in unspoiled nature.

Author: Helena Syslová