Hrabanovská černava

Nature lovers should not miss the national nature reserve Hrabanovská černava and its wetlands.

Information for visitors

Adress: Hrabanov, Lysá nad Labem
GPS: 50.21599110, 14.83438280
Hrabanovská černava map

Interesting facts Hrabanovská černava

The complex of wetlands and peat meadows covers 55 ha, at the source of the left tributary of the river Mlynaříce, north of Lysá nad Labem. Due to its special importance for botany, paleoecology, entomology and malacozoology, blackberry was included in Natura 2000 sites of European importance.

Diverse communities may have formed here due to the high content of calcium in the water. It springs from the artesian springs of the local peat deposit. However, the water regime was disrupted in the 20th century, when there was several drainage.

Hrabanovská čeravaava is a remnant of large bogs with sedge-moss communities. There are many endangered species of plants and animals. Elevated sedge most often grows here, which is gradually degraded by overgrowth of reeds. Among other rare species, sawtooth marsh, rusty chanterelle and endangered marsh orchid.

Among the endangered species of animals, the great newt, the fire toad, the snipe or the moth live here.

Author: Marie Bukovinská