Kamenice gorges

The Kamenice River flows through the charming landscape of Bohemian Switzerland, meandering through gorges and deep canyons of blocky sandstones. It is a really magical place and a tip for a trip that is definitely worth seeing.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Hřensko
GPS: 50.87161720, 14.26094280
Kamenice gorges map

Interesting facts Kamenice gorges

In the direction of the river Kamenice you will see gorges:

Ferdinand's Gorge
In Strža - part behind Dolský mlýn
Wild gorge
Edmund's Gorge
A yellow tourist sign leads around the Edmund and Divoká gorges. You will come across impassable sections here, but here the transition is ensured by transport using barges. Kamenice meanders around steep rocks with a height of 50 to 90 meters and higher upstream, on the other hand, you will not come across any path and in most cases the rocks flow directly into the river.

The part from Kostelní důl near Dolský mlýn and the village of Hřensko is the initial part of the Czech Switzerland National Park and tourists are not allowed to move outside the marked trails.

Ferdinand's Gorge

This is the part between Srbská Kamenice and Dolský mlýn, where the rocks fall steeply into the water, and where movement outside the marked hiking trails is allowed.

In Strža

The section called Ve Strži has the character of a wild gorge between the Wild Gorge and the Church Mine. It is not open to the public and nature is almost untouched by man.

Edmund's Gorge

Originally, this gorge was inaccessible, only at the end of the 19th century was the construction of the trail started on the initiative of Prince Edmund Clary-Aldringen. It will take you through tunnels in the interior of rocks, over weirs and footbridges through the picturesque landscape of Bohemian Switzerland.

Wild gorge

In places where there is a border bridge, it is directly connected to the Silent (Edmundov) gorge. It was made available in 1989.

The Edmund and Wild Gorges can be ridden on a man-powered boat. The river will take you around rock formations, about which you will learn something interesting directly from the ferryman.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová