Líska near Česká Kamenice

Approximately 4 km in the direction northeast of Česká Kamenice and north of the village Líska we find the locality of the same name, which is interesting not only for its location in Bohemian Switzerland as one of the most beautiful areas of our republic, but also for its size and occurrence of perennial moonflower. late May and early June. Since 16 October 1929, this site has been a protected natural monument.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Česká Kamenice
GPS: 50.82133190, 14.45342860
Líska near Česká Kamenice map

Interesting facts Líska near Česká Kamenice

TIP for tourists: The area is located at the end of the slope on both sides of the forest road and if you are planning a trip to Bohemian Switzerland and specifically to Líska, go here exactly when the moonlight is in full bloom, ie from mid-May to early June. The whole slope is covered with purple flowers, which from the distance give the impression of a thick carpet, and which directly smell intoxicating. After flowering, the plants produce silvery white fruits in the shape of coins.

The Líska natural monument is located on the north-eastern slope of Černý vrch and has been fenced since 1999 to prevent grazing of the moon. In the area of ​​the Lusatian Mountains, you will find a similar place on Jezevčí vrch.

How do you get here?

The most ideal way to Líska leads from the former gamekeeper's lodge in the saddle near Křížový Buk. A forest path will take you here and the whole route is about 1.5 km long.

The moonfish forms an undergrowth for a beech forest with ash trees, hornbeams and sycamore trees and grows beyond the protected area. In addition to the moonfish, you can also see other herbs here, such as the witch hazel, the onion-borne hip, the common-leaved wetland or the golden-headed lily or the flame arum, which are endangered plant species.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová