Pavlina valley

The Pavlino údolí Protected Area (or Pavlínino údolí) was inscribed on the list of nature reserves in 1993 and can be found in the charming area of Bohemian Switzerland, one of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. It covers an area of 183 ha and the reason for its protection is mainly the canyon-like valley of the river Chřibská Kamenice, which is a unique formation of geomorphological character.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Jetřichovice
GPS: 50.84513810, 14.40772140
Pavlina valley map

Interesting facts Pavlina valley

Pavlino valley is about 3.5 km long and can be found between Rynartice, Studený and Jetřichovice.

How to get to Pavlina valley?

You can easily reach Pavlin údolí from Jetřichovice following the green or red tourist sign around the Pavlínka reservoir and Greislova mlýn. There will be routes for most of the entire Pavlina valley. If you follow the red sign to the signpost, the route will take you along the blue sign to the village of Rynartice.

The hiking trail will take you through Pavlino údolí through a very romantic landscape with a number of bridges over a river called Chřibská Kamenice. The valley is narrow in some sections and up to 120 meters deep in some places. It is covered with forests and writhes like a snake among the steep rocks.

Sandstone rocks are covered with pines, ashes, alders and willows grow on the banks of the river. From the animals here you can see the mountain chamois, trout, kingfisher and storks.

Interesting places in Pavlina valley

The western end of the Pavlina valley will take you to the Griesel mill, which bears the name of its last owner, and which has stood here since the 17th century. Right next to the mill you will find Griesel's pond, which was once called Lake Pavlín.

If you go a few meters towards the valley, you will come across Rusalčina Cave, a small rock niche.

Directly opposite the mill above the valley you will see a rocky promontory, rising to a height of about 80 meters, which was nicknamed the Grieselhorn.

If you follow the forest path from the mill towards Česká Kamenice, you can stop at a small rock garden in the side valley, where you will see a niche carved into the rock on the left side. It was here before the war that a small statue of Christ was placed.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová