Pravčická Archway

Do you live in Bohemian Switzerland and have not yet visited the largest natural rock bridge in Europe? You definitely must not miss the Pravčice Gate, the semifinalist in the competition for the new seven wonders of the world. This beautiful natural monument has become a symbol of the whole area of Bohemian Switzerland. Every year, thousands of tourists visit it to enjoy not only the view of the gate itself, but also the beautiful sandstone formations and the surrounding countryside.

Information for visitors

Adress: Hřensko 82, Hřensko
GPS: 50.88441110, 14.28122190
Pravčická Archway map

Interesting facts Pravčická Archway

You cannot enter the Pravčická gate directly
You can admire the Pravčická gate from the surrounding views or the Sokolí hnízdo restaurant - an excursion chateau, a hotel and a restaurant directly under the gate. However, too many visitors caused excessive erosion of this sandstone formation, and therefore access to the rock bridge was closed in 1980. The Pravčická gate was strengthened, but the entrance for tourists was not restored so that this rock shape would not be endangered and preserved for future generations.

Monumental and romantic formation
When looking at the Pravčická gate, you will surely wonder how this formation was created. It was originally a uniform sandstone block and the gate was eroded from it. The arch of the bridge measures 27 meters, the arch is 16 meters high. The view of the foot of the bridge has aroused respect since the gate was built. The Pravčická Gate became a popular excursion destination as early as the 19th century, when it was visited by both townspeople and nobles. A cruise restaurant was soon built and entrance to the Pravčická gate was charged.

The Pravčice Gate also inspired celebrities
As visitors to the Pravčická gate, you will find yourself in good company. The Pravčice Gate was visited by many celebrities, famous artists and European monarchs. Hans Christian Andersen, for example, drew inspiration for his fairy tales here several times. The gate also found itself in some well-known films, of the newer ones you probably know The Chronicles of Narnia: The Witch's Lion and the Wardrobe.

Author: Helena Syslová