Tiské stěny

A picturesque landscape with a magical town formed by sandstone rocks awaits you in the village of Tisá in the Děčín region near the region of the Elbe sandstones in the area known as Bohemian Switzerland.

Information for visitors

Adress: Tisá 248, Tisá
GPS: 50.78707360, 14.03168690
Tiské stěny map

Interesting facts Tiské stěny

Why come here?

The printed walls are extremely interesting, especially with the bizarre rock formations, reminiscent in shape of human faces, animals and more. The uniqueness of this place also lies in its size and location in the region of Bohemian Switzerland.

How to get here?

The advantage of Tiské stěny is without a doubt their excellent accessibility. It lies between Děčín and Teplice in Bohemia near the Prague - Dresden motorway corridor. Directly from the center of Tisá, pointers will take you to the rocks.

If you go here by car, stay from Děčín in the direction of Sněžník and then to Tisa. From Ústí nad Labem it is in the direction of Libouchec and then Tisá.

In the past, tourists could only get here accompanied by a guide, but nowadays the Tiské stěny area is accessible by marked paths. The place is open all year round.

A pleasant walk through the realm of rocks will be a pleasant experience for you. Strange rock formations will stimulate your imagination and sometimes allow you to be directly amazed at the contrast of fine to white sand, sky and rocks.

A mysterious legend about the nobleman Leduquin and the evil elves

Back in the 19th century, this place had the character of a wild rocky labyrinth, entwined with the legend of Leduquin, a French nobleman, and evil elves. According to legend, the nobleman escaped from his native country, France, during the French Revolution and reached the Tiské stěny. He allegedly brought with him a great treasure, which he buried somewhere in Tiské stěny. After a while, he wanted to marry him again, but the labyrinth of rocks did not give it to him, although he searched hard for many years, until he went mad. According to legend, the treasure is guarded by evil elves. Anyone who ever tries to search for the treasure will pour stray spices into their pockets, and the way out of the labyrinth will be forbidden forever.

Where to go nearby?

In the vicinity of Tiské stěny there is a lookout tower Děčínský Sněžník on the peak of the same name, which is the largest table mountain in the Czech Republic.