Pulčínské rocks

Although rock formations such as Prachovské skály or Adršpašsko-teplické skály are much better known in the Czech Republic, Pulčina or Pulčínské skály are of similar importance in Moravia and Silesia. In the area of the Moravian Carpathians, they are the largest sandstone rock town and among the hikers they are a real concept, just like Sázava for Bohemia.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Pulčín-Hradisko
GPS: 49.22816920, 18.07895140
Pulčínské rocks map

Interesting facts Pulčínské rocks

The rocks of Pulčina can be found near the village of Pulčín in the southwestern part of Javorník and have the character of a massive rock sandstone block. When it comes to the village of Pulčín, it is definitely necessary to mention the fact that it is the highest village in Moravia. Tourists are pulčínské skály sought after in any season.

Pulčínské skály National Nature Reserve

The Pulčínské skály - Hradisko National Park was declared in 1989. It covers an area of ​​almost 73 ha and is situated at an altitude of 510 to 773 meters (there is an elevation gain of 263 meters). In the region, these rocks are a real landmark that cannot be overlooked.

Pulčínské skály consists of rock blocks, individual rocks, high rock walls up to 20 meters high, rubble and isolated rocks. But we can also find caves with pseudo-karst formations here. There are a total of four:

• The largest of these is called the Whale, it is fissured and its length is approximately 42 meters
• another is known as Pod Kazatelnou II, its length is about 15 meters
• The length of the Clay Cave is about 25 meters
• Lizinka, the last of the cave, is about 6 meters long

The most significant parts of the Pulčín Rocks are called Rooms, Five Churches and Zámčisko, they can be found at the top of Hradisko and consist of Tertiary sandstones. The most significant are Lidmilina skála, Trtol and the Petrified Church.

You will find a charming view from Zámčisko, where the top book is also located. Originally, a wooden rock castle stood in these places, after which only rock steps and cliffs in the rock have survived to the present day.

Road to Pulčínské skály

from the village of Pulčín on the red TZ
from the village Lidečko along the blue TZ
Where around?

The surroundings of the Pulčín Rocks are very picturesque and offer many possibilities where to go on a trip. One of the tips is the Devil's Rocks, located about 3 km from the rocks. Within twenty kilometers there is also the Vršatec and Lednica castles, and the Čubův kopec lookout tower, about 5 km away from the Pučín Rocks, is also worth a visit and a walk.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová