revolving auditorium Český Krumlov

One of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic, the South Bohemian pearl of Český Krumlov, in addition to the fairytale castle or the church of St. Vita also boasts one unique, revolving auditorium. It is a technical work from 1958, set in the magical environment of the castle garden near the Bellarie summer house.

revolving auditorium Český Krumlov

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Adress: Zámecká zahrada, Český Krumlov
GPS: 48.81049330, 14.30767640
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Interesting facts revolving auditorium Český Krumlov

The author of the revolving auditorium in Český Krumlov is Joan Brehms, a screenwriter and artist who worked at the theater in České Budějovice. The auditorium first spun in 1958 during the production of Weisenborn's play The Lost Face, which was attended by 60 spectators. However, few spectators knew at the time that people, not technology, were turning the auditorium. A year later, however, the capacity of the auditorium was increased to 400 spectators, during the production of Jirásek's Lantern. In 1960, the auditorium already has 550 seats.

The premiere of the revolving auditorium was a huge success, so that more than two dozen other theatrical performances were held here, which gave rise to the tradition of seasonal performances in the revolving auditorium.

Over time, the revolving auditorium was reconstructed several times and, above all, enlarged. Out of the original sixty seats, a total of 644 seats are available today. Since then, the auditorium drive has also been electrified. The total weight of the structure is 650 tons and the diameter of the base is 21.3 m. The turntable is supported by a total of 120 wheels. Since 1958, 2,810 performances have taken place in the revolving auditorium, which has been seen by 1,700,000 spectators.

It is also necessary to mention the Bellarie summer house, which has a revolving auditorium and which is one of the most valuable garden buildings in the Czech Republic.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová