Collectors Brno

The symbol of the South Moravian metropolis is undoubtedly Špilberk, but the city of Brno can offer much more! Not only a number of church monuments, zoos, the historic center, but also reinforced concrete tunnels in the city's underground, called collectors. Seeing the city just below ground level is an absolutely exceptional experience, all the more so for lovers of technical attractions.

Information for visitors

Adress: Křenová 9, Brno
GPS: 49.19189610, 16.61165830
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Interesting facts Collectors Brno

What exactly are collectors? These are tunnels that run under the earth's surface at various depths and are designed to accommodate utilities, such as cables, pipelines, telecommunications networks and more. Cables can also be laid in the ground, but collectors have the advantage over this solution in that the utility networks are easily accessible at any time, for example due to the necessary maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

In Brno, they are stored at a depth of about 5 meters underground and visitors will be able to see water pipes, hot water, cables of mobile operators and power companies as part of the tour.

The network of collectors in Brno is about 21 km long and there are 3 sightseeing routes available to visitors. The first is 400 meters long, the second 600 meters and the third route, accessible only from 22 February 2013, is 1,100 meters long. It also includes, among other things, archaeological artifacts, the remains of a wooden aqueduct and other attractions.

During the tour, visitors will also learn something about the operation of the central control room of technical networks. Thanks to the collectors, the engineering networks are easily inspected and maintained, and in the event of a failure, there is no need to dig up the road. The routes lead in secondary collectors, through which the technical networks are distributed to individual houses. The primary network is laid deeper than the secondary, at a depth of about 30 - 35 meters underground. More than 7 km of collectors are stored here, but these spaces are not yet open to visitors.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová