Vyšenské kopce trail

Less than three kilometers from Český Krumlov, in the southern part of the protected landscape area Blanský les, is the national nature reserve Vyšenské kopce. The Vyšenské kopce Nature Trail will take you through this landscape formed together by nature and man. Stroll through fragrant meadows and illuminated forests and learn that a sensitive approach can preserve or even enrich natural scenery.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Vyšný
GPS: 48.82861920, 14.29958140
Vyšenské kopce trail map

Interesting facts Vyšenské kopce trail

The nature trail is 2.5 kilometers long and begins in the village of Vyšný in front of the Blanský les Protected Landscape Area Administration building. Along the way, there are 15 stops at information boards, which acquaint visitors with natural attractions and also graphite mining. It also includes an outdoor geological exposition and a botanical rock with a demonstration of the most abundant plants in the area.

Vyšenské hills are protected due to interesting and species-rich grassland communities. These were created here due to the fact that the site has been used for grazing since the middle of the 16th century. In some places to this day, this is a way to ensure that this community is maintained, so you can meet whole herds of grazing sheep and goats quite often in the summer. Thanks to the subsoil, which consists mainly of crystalline limestone, and the rain shadow of the nearby Šumava, which means drier and warmer weather, thermophilic plants and animals thrive here. Many endangered or rare species of plants grow here, among them, for example, dark-red orchid and red dill, golden-headed lily, white-spotted lily, various-leaved thistle, forest anemone, and branched anemone. In addition to plants, the area is also rich in fungi and is thus an important mycological area. There are about three hundred different species of mushrooms, and among them also rare or not very abundant species such as the boletus satan, the boletus edulis or the club of Hercules. However, as it is a nature reserve, no mushrooms or other forest fruits may be harvested.

The Vyšenské kopce nature trail is freely accessible for hikers all year round. During its route, it climbs uphill and descends again, but it is undemanding and can be handled by children.

Author: Martina Limbergová