Educational trail Boubín Forest

The very core of the Boubín Forest, one of our most famous and most valuable natural attractions, has been almost untouched by civilization for many centuries. If you walk through the Boubín Forest, you often get the feeling that you have found yourself in a fairy tale. The roads here are lined with meadows, the trees are overgrown with lichen and everything is completed by the ground overgrown with ferns and moss. The educational trail through the Boubín Forest will take you through all the natural beauties of this corner of our republic, but it is relatively popular and popular with tourists, so it is quite frequented. Even so, the beauty of the local nature is not disturbed and you will be able to enjoy it while walking.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Boubínský prales
GPS: 48.97294440, 13.81926420
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Interesting facts Educational trail Boubín Forest

Where does the Boubín Forest nature trail lead?

Where will the nature trail take you? Especially around the perimeter of the core of the second oldest nature reserve in the Czech Republic, while acquainting you with the history of the forest, it will show you the beautiful nature of Šumava and the rarest trees.

The Boubín Forest nature trail is situated at an altitude of about 1000 m above sea level. and passes through a national nature reserve. In the past, the trail also extended into the very core of the forest, but today this is not the case and leads only along its perimeter, which is surrounded by a fence. This measure was decided during the 1970s, as crowds of tourists used to head to the center of the Boubín Forest, which had a significant effect on the local nature. The area of ​​the fenced part is 47 ha.

The nature of the nature trail

The nature trail leads partly along the blue and green marked route and is marked by local markings. The vegetation consists mainly of spruces, beeches and firs. The rarest woody plants are 300-400 years old. The Boubín forest then stretches west of Mount Boubín.

The nature trail starts at Boubín Lake, is about 4 km long and there are 9 stops on it, from which tourists will learn more about the history of Boubín Forest, the lake, the origin of the reservation and the local flora and fauna. After walking along the entire trail, it is possible to continue to the lookout tower on Boubín, which is situated at an altitude of 1,362 m above sea level. It is interesting to continue to Kubova Huta, which is the highest railway station in Bohemia, located at 995 meters above sea level.