Educational trail of Švanda Dudák Strakonice

In the years 2007-2008, an educational trail was opened, following in the footsteps of Švanda Dudák, ie - how else but in Strakonice. The trail is about 15 km long and is lined with 7 stops with information boards, from which tourists will learn mainly about the history of bagpipes in the Strakonice area, will be able to view period photographs, listen to toys, stories and songs, everything related to bagpipes such as musical instrument and bagpipe in general.

Information for visitors

Adress: Jelenka tower, Strakonice
GPS: 49.25820000, 13.90110000
Educational trail of Švanda Dudák Strakonice map

Interesting facts Educational trail of Švanda Dudák Strakonice

The entire length of the trail is marked with a yellow tourist sign and the first stop is at the Strakonice castle under the Jelenka tower. The second stop leads around the river Otava to the imitation of Stonehenge and then to the street MUDr. Karel Hradecký with two sacral buildings in the historicist style.

Afterwards, the first more demanding hike awaits you, leading to Šibeniční vrch, where execution took place during the 16th to 18th centuries, and where a stone gallows once stood. Are you interested in why this place is located on the route of the educational trail of Švanda Dudák? Legend has it that this is where Švanda Dudák played devils or wild women, and it is said that he lost the magical power of his bagpipes and saved his soul here.

Then you can get along the trail through Ryšava, Hliničná and Kuřidlo (hills) to Dražejov, a settlement where Švanda Dudák allegedly played for pleasure. In these places, the nature trail turns slightly and leads again to Strakonice through the Otava valley and to Calvary, a hill with a cemetery where Švanda Dudák is buried. The cemetery here was closed some time ago, but definitely visit here only because of Švanda's linden tree, a beautiful tree that has stood here for about 300 years. But you can only look at it from a distance, because it grows on private land.

The nature trail then ends where it started, ie at the Strakonice castle.

The whole trail is about 15 km long, as mentioned, however, those who do not manage such a long journey can shorten it by leaving the marked circuit a little earlier. Even during the overall walk, however, the route is not particularly demanding and you will encounter a slight climb rather sporadically.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová