Svratka water management educational trail

On the initiative of the town of Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, the municipality of the micro-region, private persons and water management organizations, the Svratka water management nature trail was created in 2005, the starting point of which is the village Dalečín, but it can also be set off from the destination stop. The information panels are not directly connected to each other, so you can walk along the path completely freely.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Dalečín
GPS: 49.56551140, 16.30648810
Svratka water management educational trail map

Interesting facts Svratka water management educational trail

The nature of the trail

Although it basically doesn't matter where you start from, the most convenient option is to start at the Vírská dam, go to the village of Vír and around the dam, via Koroužná and Švařka. The total length of the trail is 16 km and has a quiet and undemanding character. The trail runs along purpose-built roads and local quiet, non-frequented paths stretching along the Svratka River. There are two steeper climbs around the dam, but otherwise the path is completely easy.

The aim of the nature trail is to protect and use water resources, to acquaint visitors with water management, main concepts, technical data and water parts.

What awaits you on the trail?

What will interest you during the walk will be the Vír I. water reservoir, the construction of which began in 1947 and was completed 10 years later. The reservoir has the character of a set of buildings, which are connected to each other and which were built for the purpose of complete use of the water source of the river Svratka. The part is dominated by a concrete dam 66 meters high with a crown 9 meters wide and 390 meters long. Vírská dam is the third largest in the Czech Republic.

Water reservoir Vír II. is a buffer reservoir hidden in the hills as well as the nearby ruins of the castle Pyšolce and Hraběčin stolek, from which you will have a beautiful view of the river Svratka.

On the route you will come across a total of 16 water management panels and 4 panels, which inform about the villages on the route of the trail, one of which is called Chudobín and was flooded by a water reservoir, so it is now completely extinct.

A walk along the Svratec water management nature trail can be combined with a tour of Pernštejn, one of our most beautiful castles, which is located not far from here.