Devil's Gorge Trail

Only a few years ago, the picturesque Macha region was enriched with another tourist trail. It is called the Devil's Gorge and its restoration was mainly due to the Forests of the Czech Republic. It stretches along the Dolský brook and offers tourists a pleasant walk for mystery and relaxation in the area of the nearby Mácha's Lake and the Dutch Ponds in the Českolipské district.

Information for visitors

Adress: Dřevčice, Dubá
GPS: 50.57767720, 14.49665330
Devil's Gorge Trail map

Interesting facts Devil's Gorge Trail

The trail begins in the settlement of Dřevčice, which is located between Duba and Holany, near the Holanské ponds and Mácha's lake. The road then follows the valley, following the green tourist sign. The roads here used to be very waterlogged, but today they are reinforced with wooden gutters and new bridges stretch across the stream. Directly on the route of the trail, you will also come across two repaired wells: Rasa and Čertova.

The trail is ideal for walkers and cyclists.

Devil's and Ras's well

The devil's well was awaited by a complete reconstruction, cleaning of the stone masonry, removal of alluvium and modification of the water outflow. Visitors were also given access to it, and the Rasova well was also extensively renovated, the spring of which was withdrawn into a stone pit, above which a wooden shelter was built.

On the way to Devil's Gorge

Strange is the high humidity in Devil's Gorge, which you will encounter here at any time of the year, and which supports the growth of mosses and other specific flora and the occurrence of some animals.

If you reach the end of the trail, to the border of Čertova rokle and Dolský údolí, you can continue along the tourist-marked trail to Dolský mlýn. Along the way, you will come across a turnoff to Chudý hrádek, the castle ruins, hiding in the forest and, moreover, on a rocky promontory. Thanks to its location, it is quite a remote and hard-to-reach ruin, in addition to one of the least known in our country.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová