Educational trail Forest Wandering with Kamil Rohan

If you only know a little bit of the history and specifically the character of Kamil Rohan, you will surely suspect that he is inextricably linked with the Sychrov chateau. However, few of you probably know that the educational trail Forest Wandering with Kamil Rohan has been operating here since 2008, which was named after the man who owned the Sychrov chateau in the 19th century. If your visit to this place is not limited to a tour of the local castle, go for a walk on the nature trail!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Sychrov
GPS: 50.62623580, 15.08881440
Educational trail Forest Wandering with Kamil Rohan map

Interesting facts Educational trail Forest Wandering with Kamil Rohan

Nature and trail route

The trail was created thanks to the Forests of the Czech Republic and can be found at the aforementioned Sychrov u Turnova chateau in the Liberec region, where it begins and from where it continues through the forests of former fields in the near and far vicinity of the chateau, through the Mohelka river valley.

The total length of the route hardly reaches 2 km, so it is not demanding and even children can handle it. The route plan follows and copies the footpaths that were created here during the 19th century, during the reign of Kamil Rohan.

The beginning of the trail is right in front of the castle and you can get to it, for example, from the parking lot, from where the markings lead to the beginning of the route. It is lined with a total of 6 stops, the first of which you will find behind the Hotel Sychrov.

Stop on the nature trail

1. The welcome stop will tell tourists something about the origin of the local park and the fields that the trail passes through. The information is supplemented by period and contemporary maps and photographs.

2. Gazebo - the trail passes around the pavilion and the second stop informs about its original appearance.

3. Local forests - this is what the third stop informs about.

4. Water in the forest and its importance - in the fourth stop you will learn more about the water cycle in the forest and the local unique water system.

5. Memories of the forest - here is a mention especially of the visit of Emperor Francis Joseph I, who is reminded by the granite pyramid. Everything is complemented by period photographs.

6. Arthur's Castle - this is an artificial castle ruin at the edge of the castle park.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová