Educational trail with the Elf around Praděd

There are many hiking trails and paths around the highest mountain in Moravia, and today we will meet one of them, which is called With the Elf around Praděd, and which acquaints tourists with the history of this region, the local nature and Mount Praděd.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Ovčárna-Praděd
GPS: 50.07098000, 17.23878190
Educational trail with the Elf around Praděd map

Interesting facts Educational trail with the Elf around Praděd

Where does the trail lead?

The Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area and the Praděd National Nature Reserve are one of the most valuable natural beauties of our republic. It is here that the Praděd peak with a lookout tower is located.

The trail stretches across the alpine terrain around Praděd and offers magical views of the local landscape. Overall, Praděd is a relatively busy place, both in the summer and winter months, so even the nature trail is not completely deserted. It leads around some tourist huts, where it is possible to stop for a while and have a snack.

The leprechaun from Peter's Stones is a kind of guide on this trail. He was an assistant to the legendary Praděd and his sculptural representation can be found at the Skřítek crossroads on the road between Šumperk and Bruntál.

At the initial stop, the panel informs us that we can walk several routes depending on what we want to see or how good we are. The basic route starts in Ovčárna pod Pradědem and has an elevation gain of 210 meters. At first it leads along the red and then along the blue route to Praděd. The nature trail from Ovčárna to Praděd is about 3.5 km long and is completely undemanding, suitable even for small children or families with a pram.

A total of 8 stops await the tourist trail - information panels. After less than a kilometer of walking in the direction from Ovčárna, you will come across a pleasant tourist cottage Barborka. If you do not dare to take another trip to the top of Praděd and you want to refresh yourself, you can continue along the red road and get off the road to Praděd to the tourist cottage Švýcárna. If you then want to go to Praděd, you will have to return the same way back to the main asphalt road from which you came to the cottage.

The last stop is Praděd, the highest mountain in Moravia with a television transmitter, a restaurant and a lookout tower.