Gočár Circuit nature trail

The important architect Josef Gočár created a number of interesting buildings in our republic, set in several cities. We can see a few of them in Hradec Králové and a few also in Lázně Bohdaneč, and the Gočár Circuit nature trail accompanies us along them. In addition to the buildings that Gočár designed, we will also see spa pavilions, a spa park, the city center and its surroundings along the trail.

Information for visitors

Adress: Masarykovo nám., Lázně Bohdaneč
GPS: 50.07581670, 15.68011940
Gočár Circuit nature trail map

Interesting facts Gočár Circuit nature trail

Where will the trail take us?

The town of Lázně Bohdaneč is located in eastern Bohemia just a few kilometers from Pardubice and its core is a circular square, from which there are four roads to four large cities in the area: Hradec Králové, the aforementioned Pardubice, Kutná Hora and Chlumec nad Cidlinou.

The beginning of the trail is right on Masaryk Square with the Renaissance town hall, it leads through the spa park to the "self-service" sundial, to the Gočár spa pavilion, to Kuttner's chapel, to Gočár's reservoir, a sculpture of the Pink Tank by David Černý or to Gočár's villa. The nature trail ends at the same place where it begins, ie on Masaryk Square.

The nature of the nature trail

The total length of the trail is about 5 km, it is well marked and intersected by a total of sixteen stops, of which fifteen are in the form of information panels and the 14th and 15th stops are connected. In most cases, the panels show period photographs of the place where tourists are currently located and a route plan.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová