Educational trail of border guards

At first glance, the name of the nature trail can only be read that it is located near the borders of our republic, and that it will be linked to the history of its security. The nature trail of border guards can be found in the charming nature of Šumava in the Kašperské Mountains in the Klatovy district and is less than 20 km long. Defenders of our borders have been moving in these places since the Middle Ages and information stops on the nature trail also introduce tourists to this history, including the Middle Ages, modern times, the time when there was a financial guard, when the construction of Czechoslovak fortifications. army to the Iron Curtain. Everything is complemented by information about the lives of people who lived in the border and smugglers.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Kašperské Hory
GPS: 49.14408890, 13.55419500
Educational trail of border guards map

Interesting facts Educational trail of border guards

Where does the trail lead?

The nature trail stretches through the Kašperské Mountains, Amálino Valley, Řetenice and through the Kašperk Castle. The route starts at the square in the Kašperské Mountains, but you can also set off from the car park below Kašperk.

From the introductory information board on the square in the Kašperské Mountains, you will learn something about the nature trail in general and basic information on border defense. Another stop introduces tourists to the defense of the border in the Middle Ages, shows the fate of the financial guard in contrast to the smugglers, and very interesting is the record from the protocol with the smuggler Kilián Nowotny.

Other stops are devoted to the types of light fortifications and the figure of the famous smuggler Kilián Nowotný as a literary figure of the book, the author of which is Rudolf Kalčík. Tourists will also learn something about the history of the village Ždánov, which has already disappeared, more detailed information about the rape, border units, border guards at the castle Kašperk, or about the character of the smuggler Josef Hasil.

The nature of the trail

The nature trail is marked in green, when overcoming it you will overcome an elevation gain of 600 meters and the whole path (less than 20 km) will take you about 6-7 hours of walking. The trail leads along forest paths, asphalt roads and footpaths.