Klostermann's trail in Šumava

"The poet of Šumava" Karel Klostermann perhaps does not need to be introduced. He is inextricably linked with this region, so it is no wonder that the nature trail was named after him, that it was dedicated to him and his family and the characters from his novels and acquaintances with whom he came into contact and who influenced his life, who they inspired him in his stories, and which he mentioned in his books.

Information for visitors

Adress: Rokyta, Vchynice-Tetov
GPS: 49.06181830, 13.50450640
Klostermann's trail in Šumava map

Interesting facts Klostermann's trail in Šumava

Klostermann's educational trail is ideal especially for those who have fallen in love with reading this writer's books, who like to return to this region, and who have found in it, as well as the writer himself, a unique charm. And of course not just for them! Šumava is one of our most beautiful places and can be discovered by anyone who is just a little interested.

The Klostermann Trail is less than 4 km long and is intersected by six stops - information boards, from which it is possible to get to know Karel Klostermann, his life and literary work.

The trail starts in the parking lot at the IC Šumava National Park in Rokytě. Just a short distance away is the Vchynice-Tetov canal and the nature trail of the same name, which is in close proximity to the Klostermann trail and can be smoothly crossed between them.

From the starting point of the trail, there is a forest path around the Stone House, through Prostřední and Dolní Hrádky to Srní to the bus stop, where the nature trail ends. You can park for free in Rokyta, but if you want to come here by bus, you can get off at the Srní-Rokyta stop.

The whole trail is well accessible and is said to be suitable for wheelchairs.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová